Industries have a lot at stake

Business-critical operations across many industries entrust their connectivity to Fibernet Direct’s fiber-optic network solutions, including these key sectors:


Healthcare facilities rely on our high-speed, high-performance networks to transmit large medical, image and health informatics files; use data-intensive applications; and ensure critical tools are in place for patients, caregivers and telemedicine initiatives.

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Fibernet Direct delivers secure, flexible, scalable connectivity to power online services; enhance customer relationships; control costs; and inter-connect local branches with corporate headquarters, partner institutions, data centers, and customers over metropolitan and wide areas networks.

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Legal, accounting, financial, architectural, and other professional firms need reliable customer communications; continuous network availability; greater bandwidth for data-intensive applications; and redundancy to meet regulatory requirements. Fibernet Direct delivers it all with unmatched flexibility and effective cost control.

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As public sector organizations increasingly rely on online services and advanced digital technologies, Fibernet Direct supplies the secure, reliable and cost-effective Internet access needed to stay in compliance.

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From K-12 to higher education, learning institutions of all sizes trust Fibernet Direct, an experienced E-Rate provider, for more effective ways to transform the education experience, driving better learning, engagement and collaboration in and out of the classroom.

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Fibernet Direct helps carriers and telecom wholesalers meet their customers’ growing needs for bandwidth and reliable service. We own and manage carrier-grade long-haul and metro fiber-optic networks trusted by the nation’s largest wireless providers. With diverse network topology, a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center and a comprehensive storm preparedness and recovery plan, Fibernet Direct provides you with the highest level of reliability backed by best-in-class support teams.

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Regardless of industry, organizations must communicate with customers; share data; protect network assets; and add bandwidth to match rising imaging, video conferencing, storage, cloud and other needs. Fibernet Direct’s award-winning network and service help drive better business performance.

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"It's been a good relationship where we've been able to solve both our business challenges and more importantly the business challenges of our clients."

T.J. Karklins > CEO, Clearview Data Center


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